Hello Jets, a new airline launching soon with a business model tailored to long-distance travel, will be owned by Blue Air owner Teodor Rada.

The new airline received authorization last week from the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority (AACR) after leasing a Boeing 737-500, over 31 years old, with 126 seats, from Blue Air. This aircraft was part of the Blue Air fleet in 2009.

According to Economica.net, Blue Air’s CEO Oana Petrescu explained that they signed the contract at the market price and that the aircraft is no longer in service.

“The plane is one of the older generations that, through the fleet renewal program, Blue Air has decided not to use anymore, as it is an aircraft with high maintenance costs and few seats, which does not have the necessary parameters for profitable operations for our business model. Being practically unused, we rented it to Hello Jets, at a price close to the one for the similar aircraft we have rented to an operator in Africa since 2019,” Oana Petrescu, CEO of Blue Air, said.

Hello Jets needed the plane to meet the certification requirements as an air transport company and test the new business concept.

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