Canada has extended its travel ban from India for the third time since late April. Despite many high-level attempts to ease it, Canada imposed the ban, including a diplomatic note sent by the Indian High Commission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week asking them to reconsider the ban.

However, the Canadian government maintains that the extensive spreading of the Delta variant, which first appeared in India, makes direct travel too risky. Therefore, there are no direct flights between Canada and India, and COVID-19 tests taken in India are not valid for entry into Canada.

Canada has extended its flight ban from India until the 21st of August. Due to the decision, the ban will impact a busy travel season before college terms begin. For those who wish to fly from India to Canada, there is a way to do so.

Besides the travel ban, the Canadian government updated its guidelines on travel by indirect routes. Passengers who hold a negative test from outside India, including while transiting, are not subject to travel restrictions. It opens up some indirect options for passengers.

Furthermore, anyone who tested positive in the last two to three months may disregard pre-departure testing based on their COVID-19 positive result. However, this positive test must be conducted in a lab outside India, making it more challenging than the previous step.

The route is not new, and many travellers have been using it for months. As more passengers seek out ways to reach Canada, transit stopovers are a relatively straightforward solution.

On a positive note, Canada has announced that its borders will reopen on September 7th to all vaccinated travellers globally, hopefully easing some of the restrictions on India at that time.

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