KOCHI: The Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) confirmed the operations of eleven repatriation flights evacuating 2320 passengers on Saturday. Two departures from Doha and one each from Riyadh, Sharjah and Dammam were cancelled.
The international arrival relief operations commenced with the arrival of Spice Jet flight from Dammam at 12.18 am followed by the Qatar Airways Dubai from Doha at 1.05 am. The Fly Dubai flight from Dubai touched down at 1.17 am, Spice Jet flight from Jeddah at 3.05 am. With the arrival of the Spice Jet flight from Ras Al Khaimah at 4.26 is, the operations in the morning ended.
The Spice Jet flight from Muscat landed at 5.01 pm and Indigo flight from Dammam reached at 6.31 pm. Three flights from Dubai, two from Doha and one from Abu Dhabi operated are scheduled to reach CIAL later in the night.
The domestic terminal handled 24 arrivals/ departure operations. One round trip in Delhi sector was cancelled.
CIAL schedules 13 repatriation flights on Sunday evacuating 2858 passengers. Two flights will bring 540 ex-pats from Ukraine and Air India confirms the operation of one stopover flight from Moscow.
The international arrival repatriation operations scheduled for Sunday are: Air India Express flight from Sharjah at 2 am, Air India Express flight from Abu Dhabi at 4.20 am, Air India flight from Moscow via Delhi at 5.35 am, Azur Air from Kyiv at 6.45 am, Air Arabia flight from Sharjah at 8 pm, Fly Dubai flight from Dubai at 12.05 am, Saudia flight from Medina at 7.10 pm, Indigo flight from Doha at 7.10 pm, Air India Express flight from Dubai at 7.45 pm, Ukraine air from Kyiv at 8.30 pm, Emirates flight from Dubai at 10 pm and Fly Dubai flight from Dubai at 11.30 pm.