Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-made Tour Package 

Do I need to confirm my tour package?

There is no need to confirm your tour package. If you still feel you would like to verify that your package was made, you can  contact our customer services team.

Is it necessary to register for booking a tour package?

No, it is not necessary. But, if you register with Our Website, it would be beneficial for you.

Can I book international tour package through Our Website?

Yes, we provide international tour packages as well.

How can I pay the booking amount for tour package?

You can pay through Debit/Credit Card or net banking.

How can I cancel my tour package booking?

You can cancel your tour package after logging to our website and go to the section cancellation.

How much refund I will get on cancelling a tour package?

It depends on the number of days before which your tour was to commence. 

How I can get the refund amount of cancellation?

You can get the refund amount at the mode though which you have paid the amount.

What are the meals and types of meals offered with tour and packages?

The meal and type of meals depend on the type of hotel that you will get. You can see the description of each day. 

What are the cancellation charges for cancelling a tour package?

The following are the cancellation charges will depend on the type of tour packages and the tour package provider. You can refer to terms and conditions and cancellation policy while booking your tour package.

How do I know that tour package, which I selected was booked?

You will receive an SMS and email on confirmation of your tour package booking.

Tailor-made Tour Package 

Do I need to register to qualify for bidding on tour?

Yes, you need to register as free or paid member to qualify for bidding process.

Can I use the same email id for traveler as well as tour operator?

You can use the same email id for traveler as well as tour operator. But, we will suggest you to use separate email id for traveler and vendor to avoid any kind of confusion.

What is tour bidding?

In tour bidding, you can put the requirement according to your budget and number of days as well as the facilities that you want like the type of hotel and the other facilities. You can get the bids from the tour operators who will provide you the tour packages according to your requirement.

How tour bidding works?

You will post the requirement on our website and after that you will receive the bid for that package. You can choose the best and most suitable package among other packages. In this way, you can get the package that you wanted!

How many bids I can post?

You can post as many bids according to your requirement.

How many bids I can receive?

You can receive as many bids as you want. But, you can also limit the number of bids that you want to receive. 

Can I edit my bid?

Yes, you can edit your bid. This editing might include several details like price or other facilities. 

How I will receive the bids?

You will receive the bid on your Our Website account. You will be notified by the email as well as SMS.

What is bidding deadline?

Bidding deadline is the date after which you will not get any offer from any tour operator.

What is rating/review?

Rating/review will be based on 5 parameters i.e. hotel room, transport facility, Time, Guide and sight seeing. Total score will be based on the over all average scores based on these individuals different parameter scores which will be given by you after you have completed a tour.

How can I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account by clicking on the link upgrade my account after logging to our website.

Can I retract my bid?

Yes, you can retract your bid but within 24 hours of acceptance. After that you cannot retract your bid.


Is it necessary to register to book a car?

No, it is not necessary. But, it would be better for you if you are a registered member as you need not put the detail again and again.

How can I book car using Our Website?

Just go car section and put your requirement and search. Select the appropriate car that you want to book and then pay the advance booking amount and then you are done.

How will I get confirmation for booking car?

You will get an email as well as SMS which you used while booking after your payment is received and booking is confirmed.

How are cars classified into various types?

The car category is divided according to the size and price. We have made the classification as Economy, Executive, SUV, Mini Bus/Bus, High- end Luxury Cars.

Can I choose the model of the vehicle?

The vehicles are price, controlled and booked according to the category of the vehicle and not by the make or model of the vehicle. 

How will I get my money back after a cancellation?

After the cancellation, the remaining amount will be transferred to your account in 2-7 days depending upon the processing of the bank. It will reflect in your account after that period.

I still haven t got my refund. Please help!

You can call on our customer support number for this.


What are the advantages of booking bus with Our Website?

·         You can choose your seat

·         You can book your bus tickets online

·          You can choose from over multiple bus operators

·          You can choose from buses based on boarding points, timing and bus type 

Does booking online would cost me more on booking bus tickets?

Not at all, we provide the bus ticket at the same rate of bus operator. You will get the bus tickets at same price as thatof bus operator.

Is it necessary to take out the printout of the tickets?

Yes, it is necessary to take out the printout of the tickets. It will serve as the record and proof that you have booked the tickets. 

I have placed a booking request. How much time it will take to confirm?

Once your payment is confirmed, your booking will be complete and after that you can take the printout of the ticket.

Does the owner of the credit/debit card with which the ticket is booked needs to be one of the passengers?

Not at all, you can use the debit/credit card of your relatives or friends also.

Can I book a return trip bus ticket?

No, you have to book two separate tickets for this purpose. You can book only for one way in a single ticket. Presently, we are not providing 

Can I search for routes and operators without registering?

Yes, you can search for routes and operators without any Sign-up

Do I need to register to book online ticket?

No, you don t need any sign-up for booking online ticket. But, it would be better to sign-up as you don t need to enter your details again and again.

I have lost my ticket printout. How can I retrieve my booking?

When you book a ticket you will get a mail of e-ticket with ticket details you can take a print out or you can enter the ticket number and mobile number in Our Website and get the printout.

How to postpone/propone journey?

Yes, you can change your travel date and time with little charge of amount. The cancellation charges will apply according to the number of days before the day of departure you are cancelling the tickets.

How can I find the most convenient pick up point for the trip?

Click on the drop down menu of the Pickup listings on the search results page and you can access Our Website unique interactive map. It shows you all the possible Pickup points in your city with detailed street maps for your convenience.

How to change name of passenger?

This can be done on line by canceling the original ticket and booking a new ticket.


How do I know my reservation was booked?

You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number and email on confirmation of your booking with Our Website. 

Do I need to confirm my flight reservation?

There is no need to confirm your reservation. If you need any information, you can login to My Bookings or call our customer service team at the call center number.

Do I need to re-confirm my flight before departure?

You do not require confirming reservations for domestic flights. 

How do I confirm my seat assignments?

This facility is available only for frequent fliers and business class passengers, otherwise you can request for seats at the check-in counter. 

Is there a cancellation policy for flights booked on Our Website?

It depends and the cancellation charges depend on the airline, class of booking, sector and time of cancellation. You can check the fare rules while booking the ticket through Our Website.

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