Flight planning and management is one of the most mission-critical areas of an airline’s operations. It is also an area where even small gains in efficiency can manifest as discernable improvements to an airline’s bottom line.

Our Approach

We offer the industry’s leading flight-planning and flight-management technology that help airlines optimize and efficiently manage their flight operations. Our state-of-the-art Sabre AirCentre Flight Management suite of solutions includes:

  • Sabre AirCentre Flight Plan Manager helps reduce operational costs with highly optimized flight plans and our 4-D cost optimization approach. It improves operational efficiency with simplified workflows, electronic flight-plan distribution and quicker communication with mobile technology such as Sabre AirCentre eFlight Manager.
  • Sabre AirCentre Flight Explorer empowers operators and dispatchers with our aircraft-situational display that helps proactively address irregular operations or rapidly changing conditions. In addition, Flight Explorer’s out-of-the-box alerting and monitoring capabilities enable airlines to achieve full compliance with the upcoming ICAO GADSS 2018 and 2021 recommendations.
  • Sabre AirCentre ACARS Manager efficiently processes messages in all pairings — air-to-ground, ground-to-air, air-to-air and ground-to-ground — between ACARS-equipped aircraft and designated ground-based systems.


Our flight-planning and flight-mangement solutions produce highly optimized and robust flight plans that help improve the bottom line and promote efficiency. They empower operators and dispatchers with real-time information and insights, as well as help airlines:

  • Reduce operational costs and optimize fuel consumption,
  • Improve flight-management efficiency, as well as efficiency in communications,
  • Proactively address rapidly changing conditions and irregular operations,
  • Ensure compliance and minimize change processes to meet changing regulations.

Our flight-planning and flight-management technology is built to offer robust, dependable technology that delivers value to an airline’s flight operations every day.