After the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 in China there are multiple cases that are seen all over the world. After the detection of Coronavirus in 1 Pilgrim on 27 February.

The Saudi government imposed a temporary Ban for Umrah pilgrims. This Ban is imposed on 22 countries including Pakistan. The news of Saudia confirming the first case of coronavirus spread like fire and leads to an immediate Ban on Umrah for International pilgrims.

According to Pakistan Saudi Ambassador Nawab bin Saeed Al Maliki, The Umrah Ban 2020 is temporary and will be lifted after devising all the security mechanisms to fight COVID-19.

People of Saudi Arabia are scared of this outbreak and the government doesn’t want to put them through any risk. Saudi Government also imposed a similar ban on tourist Visa as well to minimize the threat of the virus spreading across the country.

Expected Date to Lift the Umrah Ban 2021:

If you are trying to know that When will Umrah Ban be Lifted, at the beginning of this outbreak expected date to lift the Umrah Ban that’s given by the Saudi Government was 15 march but now according to Umrah Ban Latest News the Temporary Ban is extended to 31st March.

The Saudi Government is confident that till then they can manage all the security procedures to handle this threat. then and only then the Saudi government will reopen Umrah for pilgrims.

Saudi Government is Refunding Umrah Pilgrims:

The Saudi government has also imposed an e-system through which the umrah fees are being refunded to all those pilgrims who registered themselves for the Umrah journey. According to the Ambassador, the expiring Visas of Pilgrims will also be renewed shortly.

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