To be able to travel and see the world is on everyone’s bucket list, but how many of us actually follow through? We tend to make travel plans but more often than not, they do not materialize. As Muslims, making travel plans isn’t the easiest of tasks given the fact that not many countries are Halal-friendly i.e. no Halal food, mosques etc. are available whatsoever.

However, with time, the trends are changing and more and more holiday destinations are expanding their halal tourism in terms of food, prayer places, activities etc. in order to attract Muslims from around the globe.

Here’s a list of Halal travel destinations that you should consider if you’re planning a holiday:

1- Malaysia

In recent years, Malaysia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for Muslims. Malaysia was one of the earliest Muslim-friendly countries the world ever saw, with half its population identifying with the Islamic faith. It is a pioneer when it comes to halal food – offering various types of cuisines and restaurants. The beautiful country is not only halal-friendly, but it is affordable as well. It offers beautiful beaches, tourist facilities, and entertainment which can make your trip memorable.

2- United Arab Emirates (UAE)

If you want a trip of luxury and all it entails, book a flight to UAE. It is one of the richest and most luxurious Muslim countries in the world. It is home to some of the grandest mosques across the globe, along with various types of tourist attractions like desert safaris, theme parks, resorts etc. Most importantly, it has a wide variety of scrumptious halal food, which can compete on an international level. Two of the most popular cities are Dubai and Abu Dhabi – take your pick!

3- Morocco

Morocco is one of the few Muslim countries embedded in Europe. Morocco gives you the opportunity to experience Europe at its best and enables you to do it the halal way. It is a country full of traditional Islamic illustrations. It is home to awe-inspiring architecture and touristy sites alongside housing majestic mosques as well. Take a stroll through the dazzling streets of Chefchaouen and waltz through the magnificent halls of Hassan II Mosque, among so much more!

4- Jordan

Jordan is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has great historical significance and is the resting place for a number of great Muslim figures, including ten prophets of Islam. For history lovers, Jordan has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beach resorts, and grand monuments. The Jordanian cuisine is also quite popular amongst the tourists for its unique spices – on top of the wonderful fact that Muslims do not have to be picky as the food is halal!

5- Turkey

98% of Turkey’s population is Muslim, hence, Muslim travellers have little difficulty in navigating their food and prayer options in Turkey. The country is full of historical significance, comprising of various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it a favourite for all history and architecture lovers. The vibrant culture here attracts Muslims and non-Muslims alike and invites them to breathtaking places like Anatolia (including Cappadocia), Topkapi Palace etc.

6- Malta

Malta is an island known to be quite rich in its Islamic faith and traditions. Muslims make up a large chunk of the populace working towards the development of agriculture and the food industry. Even though it is primarily identified by Western European culture, halal tourism has sprung up quite a bit over the years. It consists of various halal tourism facilities such as private villas and easily accessible prayer spaces. Muslim tourists also enjoy the seaside resorts, beaches, towns, historical buildings and museums and not to forget – halal-friendly food.

7- Indonesia

The Muslim population in Indonesia is approximately 87%, which in essence, makes it a Muslim-friendly destination. It is ridden with scenic beaches, historical sites and is home to the biggest archipelago in the world, which essentially covers about 17500 tropical islands including islands like Lombok where Halal food and mosques are easy to find. Given the fact that the population is largely Muslim, you won’t have any trouble finding halal places to eat and offer your prayers. It is known for its beautiful mosques including the Istiqlal Mosque (Jakarta) – the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. Beach resorts and wildlife conservations make it a top choice for Muslim tourists – plus it is affordable!

So the next time you plan your family vacation, or even if you are riding solo, this list might just come in handy!